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Dillard/Goldsboro Alumni & Friends, Inc. organized in 1956, chartered with Federal, State and Local Govenments, endeavors to offer non-profit community services to youth and adults. Its chapters are located in the following states: North Carolina, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Pennyslvania and Georgia.


Our focus is to provide scholarships to high school graduates, tutoring, mentoring and activities of fellowship that unite people with our organization to foster a productive partnership and citizenship.


Dr. Hugh Victor Brown,
"An Educator With A Vision"


Some 50 years ago, the dream of one day seeing Dillard/Goldsboro Alumni & Friends, Inc. coming together on an annual basis in tribute to the great accomplishments of the school was realized through the efforts of H.V. Brown, principal.  He provided the atmosphere and set the stage for alumni members to fulfill this mission by organizing, chartering, and incorporating this association that we enjoy today.

Alumni and friends continue to return to Goldsboro each memorial Day Weekend for homecoming celebrations in remembrance of Dillard and the dream Brown turned into a reality. We salute the memory of Hugh Victor Brown for his dream and legacy of unity and service he instilled into the members of Dillard/Goldsboro Alumni and Friends and to the Goldsboro/Wayne County community.

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