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2021-22 QUEEN
Ms. Estella Coley-Porter


In the midst of unprecedented times that has affected our nation, Dillard Goldsboro Alumni & Friends, Inc. consistently worked to make sure graduating seniors in the chapter areas had the opportunity to apply and receive scholarships provided by DGAF, Inc. One of the many ways the organization raises money to support their annual Scholarship Program is the annual Alumni King/Queen Contest.  This year the contest raised $26,894.98.  The contestant that raised the most money is crowned the Alumni King/Queen. This year's winner was a member of the Goldsboro Chapter, Ms. Estella Coley-Porter. She raised $11,290.98 with the support of the Queen's Committee, and the Goldsboro Chapter. The Scholarship Awards Night was virtual this year.  Twenty-eight high school graduates were recognized and awarded scholarships from this annual fundraiser during Memorial Day Weekend. 


Estella Coley-Porter shared that some of the fundraising events that led to her winning the contest included various raffles, selling dinners, and a community yard sale. Estella encourages future contestants to, “start early, get out and ask for donations, and work for it.”  She is excited that the work of her team benefited students and hopes that these same students will remember that the, “DGAF, Inc. helped them, and in return will give back to their community without being asked.” 


Estella is a native of Goldsboro, North Carolina. She is a 1970 graduate of Goldsboro High School. Currently, Estella is retired from the North Carolina Department of Corrections where she was a Master Control Administrator, Mentor, and Correction Officer.  In her spare time, Estella enjoys traveling, doing volunteer work, watching game shows, playing word games, and she loves to read. She is the mother of two daughters, Phelecia and Chandrika and the proud grandmother of two girls, Phoenix and Jade.


As the 2021 Ms. Dillard/Goldsboro Queen her goal is to continue to be actively involved in organization, encourage members to work together, and share new and innovative ideas that will enhance the organization's goals of supporting students in the chapter areas community. 


Dillard Goldsboro Alumni & Friends, Inc was proud to crown Ms. Estella Coley-Porter as their 2021 Alumni Queen and looks forward to her continued commitment and dedication to the Scholarship Program and the Goldsboro community.


The other contestants of the 2021 Alumni King/Queen contest included: Dekevias Jerel “DJ” Atkinson, Sr.  Raleigh Chapter (2nd Place), Colonel Charlotte K. Woodard, Washington DC Chapter (3rd Place), and Tracey Suggs, Charlotte Chapter. 




Dad 2_1.JPG

Dillard/Goldsboro Alumni & Friends, Inc. recently honored Maurice L. Edwards, Sr. as a   distinguished and supportive member the organization.  He has been a member of the D. C Chapter for over thirty (30) years and has held numerous positions in the chapter.


Maurice L. Edwards, Sr. was born in Goldsboro, NC and was educated in the Goldsboro City School System and graduated from Dillard High School in 1950. While at Dillard High School, Maurice was the Student Government President and a member of the football team.


He was a member of the Boy Scouts of America and was one of the first Black members to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout in the state of North Carolina.


After graduating from Dillard High School, Maurice spent two (2) years at Howard University where he was a (Pre-Med) Biology major. However, he had to return to Goldsboro after the death of his father in 1952.  He worked in Goldsboro for a year to help support his family and then joined the US Army and trained as a medic.  Maurice was stationed in Japan for two years and in 1956, he was discharged and returned to Goldsboro.


He married his high school sweetheart, Effie Barnes, and they are parents of two children, Maurice L. Edwards, Jr. and Anita Edwards. The family moved back to DC where Maurice worked as a correction officer in the DC Department of Corrections. He took courses at Howard University, USDA Grad School and the University of Maryland while working full time and earned his BS in Psychology from Federal City College.  After his retirement from the DC Department of Correction as a parole officer, he worked as a security guard, a counselor at Hope Village and then retired for a second time from Catholic Charities.


Dillard/Goldsboro Alumni & Friends, Inc. salutes this outstanding individual and is extremely grateful for his lifelong staunch support of the National Association and the DC Chapter.

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